About Blakes Estate

Blake’s Estate is a family owned vineyard located at Deans Marsh, nestled in the foothills of the Otway Ranges approximately 70 km southwest of Geelong in western Victoria. The winery is situated only 12 km inland as the crow flies from the coastal township of Lorne on the Great Ocean Road (see map). The close proximity to the coast ensures a warm summer and a long, dry autumn with temperatures modified by the maritime influence. The Deans Marsh and Pennyroyal areas on the north-western flanks of the Otway Ranges are noted for their strawberry and raspberry farms that thrive in the cool climate. Pinot Noir is a cool climate grape and it is not surprising that the Otway’s is perfect for growing Pinot Noir vines in which the vineyard specialises.

We strongly believe that the best wines are made in the vineyard and benefit from minimal intervention from the winemaker. Attention to detail and our small acreage of four acres enable us to make a first class Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir is a vigorous grape variety and does very well in the light, Eocene aged, sandy soils of our vineyard. We do not till between the rows but do mulch below the vines to encourage soil health. Clover between the rows means we do not need to add fertilizers. We use a four-cordon “Scott Henry” trellis system and spur prune by hand. The grapes are hand picked and immediately transported to the winery and crushed ready for the winemaker to begin his “magic” the following day.

Our Reserve Pinot Noir is fermented with the “wild” yeasts that occur naturally on the grapes in the vineyard. The resulting wine is full bodied, complex and is preferred by those who like the natural, minimalist intervention wines, typical of the French “Burgundy” wine making style. Our regular Pinot is made with a French cultured yeast for those who prefer a more familiar style of pinot. The wines are matured in fine French oak barriques for up to 12 months, then bottled and cellared for at least a further one to two years prior to release. We do not filter our wine, instead relying on racking between barrels for clarification. We use a minimum of preservative to ensure the full pinot characteristics come through in the finished wine.

We also make a “Champagne style” sparkling wine. Our “Blanc de Noir” is made from 100 percent Blake’s Estate Pinot grapes, fermented on lees in the bottle for two to three years in our winery and then riddled, disgorged and tiraged by a Macedon Ranges winery that specialises in finishing sparkling wines.

To compliment the other wines we also offer a white wine. In keeping with our focus on the pinot grape we have about an acre of Pinot Gris vines. For those who prefer a full flavoured white wine we make an “Italian” styled Pinot Grigio. This is made from the Pinot Gris grapes, picked early, and is a stylish, crisp, white wine with citrus overtones.

In vintages when there is a good yield of pinot grapes we also make a Rosé. Our “Summerwine” is highly sought after when it is available. Read about the full range of Blake’s Estate wines here on our website.